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A Neighborhood Reimagined

///    THE VISION  ///

History runs deep

At one point in the not-so-distant past, Cheyenne, WY was the linchpin for western development. Believe it or not, this capital city used to be the largest city in the region (yes, even bigger than Denver), and at one point had a GDP larger than Paris, France.

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The West Edge district of downtown Cheyenne was a key to the bustling city, and largely responsible for the creation and expansion of the front range of Colorado and Wyoming. Located on an old railspur and near the intersection of two major railroads pivotal to the U.S., there used to be a lot of life and energy in this part of town. 

That once-vibrant energy faded through the years. Full of old-school brick buildings and rusted metal architecture, the West Edge district has come to feel like an abandoned and forgotten part of Cheyenne, rather than an epicenter. Buildings, with incredible potential, sit vacant for years.


Change is happening

In 2013, the City of Cheyenne announced a plan to encourage the revitalization of the West Edge, and the private sector responded! Since the announcement of this plan, new businesses have moved into and/or opened new locations within the West Edge.


As key areas in the region demonstrate, industrial and architectural reuse brings a unique value to cities that “demolition and build” approaches lack. The beauty and tone of past architecture brings a depth and unique opportunity to local and economic development—it’s a vision that business leaders and key stakeholders see and are acting on, and this is just the beginning.

Our vision

We want to be an active part in bringing life and light to this pivotal part of Cheyenne. We believe in bringing an energy change to the West Edge—one that happens in a powerful way when a celebration of the arts and our community join teams.

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In 2014, inspired by the City’s plan, Edge Fest started as a passionate, humble musical event in an undeveloped building on the main drag of downtown Cheyenne. Bringing in talent from Lander, WY, we joined together to celebrate the music and the potential of this great building.


With such positive reception, the vision for Edge Fest grew and formalized as an annual outdoor music festival that would move around, highlighting the potential of the West Edge district, and always stay free to attendees as a gift to the city and music lovers. 


A group that cares

We’re proud to be part of the individuals and groups that are working hard to bring change to the West Edge, and we’re already seeing a difference. Together with a team of invested sponsors and volunteers, we’ll continue to throw Wyoming’s largest FREE music festival and shine a light on this area.

Believe in this vision? Help it become a reality. Become a sponsor?

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