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What rises, also subsides

A letter from our founder, Dave Teubner

There’s a saying I’ve carried through life: “what rises, also subsides.”

In practice, it represents an acceptance that change is inevitable, that all seasons will come and go— our job is not to cling to a moment in time, but instead focus on appreciating it while it rises (knowing it won’t last forever), and letting it go when it's time. Edge Fest has been on an incredible rise, and been an undeniable peak in my life. It honestly brings me tears to reflect on this last decade.

At the root of all of this is a passion for the redevelopment of the West Edge District of downtown Cheyenne—an area that has tremendous potential to not only invigorate our downtown with a residential friendly, progressive, walkable and culture rich environment that will inspire change and economic development. We believed that walking and biking from the downtown residential district and into the heart of downtown 15th street and the city plaza, while safely navigating Lincolnway is critical. All while focusing our efforts to celebrate the beauty of restoring and reusing historic architecture in a uniquely-Cheyenne way.

(Photos: From left to right - 1st year at Dinneen Building on Lincolnway, 2nd year at Asher building on 15th street, 5th year in front of Old Cheyenne Elevator on 21st street)

We believed in supporting the City’s plan for revitalization, voted into action and funded by taxpayers who wanted to spend time downtown while fueling economic growth. And we believed a free concert would bring light, love, and healing to this important part of our city.

For the last few years in particular, we have thrown Wyoming’s largest free music festival, with the largest gathering of food trucks in Cheyenne, and thousands of people of all ages showing up year-after-year to listen to critically-acclaimed, record-breaking, and world-renowned artists. I had no idea it would grow to that, but had an idea and expectation that it could be special.

Sure, there are the naysayers who vote down all things West Edge district, not recognizing the true economic growth and quality-of-life potential it would bring to the entire downtown and all residents - but not many! People of all ages and from all walks of life showed up to dance and sing at the top of their lungs, for free? FUCK YEAH! That’s what we wanted! And we’re clearly not the only ones!

What a testament to an investment that actually brings our community together! And it has been an investment. A non-ticketed, free community event at the caliber we’ve done over the last couple years would typically run $350,000+. And for the past few years, generous donors have contributed an average of $170,000, and Warehouse 21 has donated $25,000 in monetary donations as well as over $100,000 in labor and execution every year—all given by incredibly generous individuals, organizations, and companies that believe in this vision.

But in truth, we can’t keep asking the same people to continue giving at these levels. They pass up on other opportunities in order to support us, and while we’re eternally grateful for what they have contributed, I feel it’s also our responsibility to step back and let other opportunities rise. Many organizations in Cheyenne need the help and support. Because we’ve built momentum for the potential of the West Edge.

  • In 10 years, we created Wyoming’s largest free music festival.

  • The food trucks and merchants that we’ve hosted have shared that Edge Fest events are their highest revenue days.

  • We used to throw our event in a parking lot that is now Civic Commons Park—Cheyenne’s first downtown park and a key part of the City’s revitalization plan.

  • We’ve heard that growth and redevelopment in the West Edge district is outpacing everywhere else in Laramie County.

And honestly, all of that feels like just a precursor for what’s possible when the full redevelopment takes place. Cheyenne, our residents, and our local businesses can thrive. The Reed Street Avenue Project, the 15th Street Experience Project, the Pump House Park Project, and the continued investment on 17th street and other key locations in our downtown Cheyenne are critical in my opinion. All progressive communities redevelop their downtowns as the backbone of their city economy, and it's time for Cheyenne to do the same. And we’re hoping it moves fast! Because we’ve waited 10 years so far, and we need to work at the speed of business and the rest of the front range of Colorado.

A rising tide lifts all boats, as they say—and the West Edge of Downtown Cheyenne is rising!

So while it’s time for Edge Fest (as you know it today) to subside, it’s only so something else can rise in the future. But more on that later… 😉

Thank you, thank you, to everyone that has been a true believer and supporter of Edge Fest, from the first small group gathering in 2014, to what we hope will be our biggest and best year yet!

Help us GO BIG on our final year by becoming a sponsor. Sponsorship tiers range from $1,500 to $25,000 and we would love to have you on the team for our 10th anniversary! Contact us at

Much love!


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