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The reason for Edge Fest runs deeper

Breathing new life into Cheyenne's history

In 2013, the City of Cheyenne announced a plan to encourage the revitalization of The West Edge District of Downtown Cheyenne, and the private sector responded! Since then, businesses have moved into and/or opened new locations all over The West Edge.

The revival of our historic city owes gratitude to the efforts of our dedicated taxpayers, who have supported the vision and invested in crucial infrastructure. We strive to retain our identity as a railroad town while experiencing a ripple effect that the private sector continues to embrace as it reinvests in itself. As key areas in the front range region demonstrate, industrial and architectural reuse brings a unique value to cities that the “demolition and build” approaches lack. The tone of past architecture brings depth and opportunity to local and economic development—it’s a vision that business leaders and key stakeholders see and are acting on. And this is still just the beginning.

The initial plans of Cheyenne’s reawakening began with Civic Commons Park (where we take immense pride in hosting Edge Fest) as well as the installation of an underground storm water system. Our anticipation builds as we witness the commencement of the Reed Avenue Project, mapped to unfold over the upcoming years. Spanning from 15th street to 24th street, this walkway will unite downtown neighborhoods, leading them directly into the vibrant heart of downtown. Moreover, this pathway will seamlessly coexist with our railroads, giving us a glimpse into the rich history of our city without hindering its functionality. Mimicking the rail intersection that put Cheyenne on the map, the plans for our city include a North/South and East/West juncture of three key activated spaces that form a “T” shaped community experience consisting of Reed Avenue Rail Walk, 15th Street Railroad Experience, and Pumphouse Park. As time progresses, we’ll get to watch as an array of restaurants, breweries, and shops line this avenue, creating a tapestry of culinary delights and community camaraderie. These critical aspects of the West Edge District plan are all designed to connect to the core of Cheyenne’s downtown that will continue to grow and develop with a walkable and bikeable way to get safely to the heart of the city.

Edge Fest made its debut in 2013, as a humble musical event in an undeveloped building on the main drag of downtown. We wanted to add some serious fuel to the fire of revamping our community and we’re starry eyed to see it all come back to life. Through the love of music, connection, and history, our community has grown stronger.

Rest assured, as long as you lend us your ears, we vow to keep the rhythm of life alive through music. Cheyenne is a railroad town. Cheyenne is the music capital of Wyoming. Cheyenne is poised for its next awakening.


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