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Pass the mic to voices that deserve to be heard

Proud of who's been on our stage

We love looking back down the railroad that brought us here to reminisce about our past lineups, almost as much as we love looking ahead—eyes glued to the stage for a performance that will leave us buzzing in awe and inspired for days.

One of the reasons Edge Fest began is because we believe music has the power to heal a neighborhood, and that the atmosphere that revolves around music is for everybody. Damn-good tunes connect people and can bring a community back to life. Because of that, we take pride in everyone we’ve passed the mic to on our stage. Your race, age, gender, and sexuality should never determine whether or not you can be on stage or in our crowd. It’s about the music, energy, art, and love that’s brought to the performance. The stuff that shakes things up, inspires the kids of our neighborhoods, and rekindles dreams of the West Edge District for everyone listening.

Music is limitless. The shakier the ground, the better the sound.

We’re unbelievably honored to have had the opportunity to host some of the greatest breakthrough voices and artists in the industry on our stage like COIN, Tai Verdes, Wildermiss, JR JR, Billy Rafoul, Claire Rosinkranz, Tyler Glenn, Paul Cauthen, Seratones, and our most recent headliners Tones and I, K.Flay, LP, Bishop Briggs, and so many more. Check out all of our past lineups here.

This year’s lineup is a powerhouse of strong voices, fierce musicians, and we’re pretty excited that they’re all women with passion that matches their talent: ZZ Ward, Devon Cole, Lauren Ruth Ward, and Emmy Meli.

ZZ Ward has launched multiple sold-out headline tours and performed at high profile festivals with two critically-acclaimed albums in her back pocket. Devon Cole’s been named Breakthrough Artists to Watch by Amazon Music since blowing up on TikTok and hitting top charts on Spotify with song ‘W.I.T.C.H.’ (Woman In Total Control of Herself). Having opened for acts like Keith Urban, Lauren Ruth Ward's big vocals and gritty style can cut through any audience with her raw and powerful stage show. Since embracing her femininity and sharing her songs with TikTok, Emmy Meli has climbed the charts with her hit song ‘I AM WOMAN.’

We’re beyond thrilled to welcome these women to the Edge Fest stage.

As long as music goes on, we’ll continue to headline badass people who deserve to be heard by a community excited for the future of their reimagined neighborhood and a world of music.

You’re a badass. Thank you for living on the edge with us.


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